Akuma's Character Select Portrait. Secluding himself in the shadows, he watches small tournaments and street fights, desperately seeking someone who might be able to match his strength. Akuma's appearance resembles that of a Nio, one of a pair of guardians that symbolically protects Buddhist temples and other establishments against negative influences. In July 2012, the band MegaDriver released a song about Akuma's character, called "Wrath Of The Raging Demon". Akuma believed him dead, not knowing that Gouken had somehow lived through the attack by emptying his soul, and was only in a coma. Someday, someday I intend to fight you again" to Ryu. As he has not found a worthy foe on the mortal plane of existence, he proceeds to challenge God himself, although he is surprised to find him in the form of an old man, drinking tea in his living room. "Akuma alone has destroyed an entire island, so whoever has to stand against the unbridled destructive force of Oni, all we can say is God help them. 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He is shown on a roof in Osaka fighting Rugal if the player has a high enough score, and defeated the Last Stage's opponent(s) with a Super Combo Finish. Tier: At least 7-B, likely higher | At least 7-B, likely higher Name:Akuma (Gouki in Japan) Origin: Street Fighter Gender:Male Age:50's Classification:Demonic Martial Artist Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Ki Manipulation (Can channel his Ki into powerful attacks once in a while, such as gaining the height from Shouryuuken or spinning during the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku), Master of a assassination martial art known as Ansatsuken, Master of Satsui no Hadou (Surge of Murd… To reach the level of perfection, he even uses the dark energy Satsui no Hado that can take control over a human’s mind.. Akuma is also known as Master of the Fist.. Akuma Street Fighter … "[22] Bryan Dawson of Prima Games commented, "It's hard to imagine any new Street Fighter game without this man, as he adds a sense of evil that even M. Bison can't replicate. If the game is cleared with Akuma, the following text scrolls: "Though he has beat the Evil Powers, Akuma isn't satisfied. The Shin Shun Goku Satsu also appears as his Rage Art. UDON Entertainment's line of Street Fighter comics sets Akuma in his origin story on how he became a demon and murdering Goutetsu with the power of the Dark Hadou; he fights against Gouken ten years later, as they fight, Gouken eventually wins against Akuma as he falls off a cliff; Gouken tries to save him, but Akuma willingly drops himself into a river, only for him to survive the drop. Oni are lightning-affiliated demons that are mentioned in Shinto religion and Asian mythology, said to be fearsome giants with fangs and horns that once terrorized and pillaged villages and travelers in ancient Japan. The movie ends with them both charging at each other. While the evil nature of Satsui no Hado itself may have corrupted Akuma's ways, it is worth noting that Akuma still upholds standards and a minimalist degree of morality and considers Bison a much more abhorrent type of evil. When Akuma initiated a battle with Kairi, Kairi was beaten within an inch of his life, and lost the use of one eye when Akuma grazed his face with a Shoryuken. Because of that, he appears … Upon hearing about his powers, Akuma desired to fight Gill. He then confronts Bison, who tells Akuma that he won't be able to defeat him as long as the Psycho Drive exists. Intrigued by the level of skill displayed by his opponent, Gen spares his life and agrees to a rematch once Akuma has fully mastered the Dark Hado. Gouken greatly despises him for embracing the Satsui no Hado and murdering Goutetsu. A man with a sword was rushing towards him. In a retconned and non-canon event, he ambushed the host, M. Bison, and made short work of him with the Shun Goku Satsu. The outcome of the battle is left unknown as the volcano bursts with lava. Dislikes In the true final battle, Akuma is defeated by a Satsui no Hado-consumed Ryu, who manages to regain his senses in time to spare Akuma's life, refusing to dishonor the memory of his late master by giving in to the darkness. In the UDON comics, Akuma's storyline is alternate universe story then in the video games; however, it does provide a few interesting twists. A supposed clone of him appears as one of Geese Howard and M. Bison's guards along with clones of Morrigan and Zangief. Just as Akuma begins to wonder whether this man is the worthy opponent he's searching for, he begins to sense not all is as it seems. Akuma made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the fifth arcade iteration of the Street Fighter II games, where he appears as a hidden and unnamed character. "[24] GameSpot readers chose Akuma for the ninth spot in their 2008 selection of the ten best video game villains[25] and the site itself deemed Akuma "the toughest fighter" in the Street Fighter series. Akuma appears in the beginning of the movie, where he enters Ryu's mind and torments him. After meeting certain requirements, Akuma appears prior to the player's final match with M. Bison and obliterates M. Bison before challenging the player. This page is for the playable version of Akuma, For the Boss, stronger version of Akuma see Shin Akuma, (悪魔, Akuma?, "Devil"), known in Japan as Gouki. "Whether he is Oni, Akuma, or something in-between (Shin Akuma, for instance), the dark master easily proves that he is at the top of the SF heap in terms of both in-universe power and effectiveness among players who have mastered using him. In the movie's ending, he reappears to fight Ryu who seeks to prove he is nothing like him, much to Akuma's dismay. In the early days of most Street Fighter media, Ryu often had a more \"rough and tumble\" personality, as well as a bit of a goofy and lighthearted side to him. In both the original Super Street Fighter II Turbo and its HD remake, Akuma has two different endings, depending on who the final opponent is. Akuma also attempts to lure Ryu into succumbing to the Satsui no Hado, therefore casting aside his humanity, in hopes of finally finding a worthy opponent for the ultimate fight to the death that he seeks. This incarnation is significant in that its Raging Demon is fully visible to the player. He then seeks Ryu and battles him, in a Satsui no Hado Vs. Mu no Ken clash. Skills: Unknown. His brother Gouken (for not using their fighting style as it was intended to be used, and for sealing off the Satsui no Hado in Ryu), weaklings, anyone who interferes with his training, his master Goutetsu (for not embracing the Satsui no Hado to his fullest extent), Shadowgeist, imitators, M.Bison (for no reason), Heihachi Mishima (TK7:FR), Kazuya Mishima (TK7:FR) He presumably was not, as even he was taken aback by Kazuya's Devil transformation. Surprisingly, there are a few personalities that he has a vague sense of respect for. Akuma would appear on the screen, attack Dictator and face you in his place. Ryu eventually finds Akuma's island (known as Onigami Isle or the Gokuentou) and challenges him. An artwork shows that, at some point, he helps a child who got lost in his cave. He loses his sandals upon becoming Oni. [28] Ben Lee of Digital Spy named him the sixth-best series character on the grounds that he was "truly exciting to fight against" in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, "and his cold, emotionless personality was utterly terrifying. Shin Akuma also returns as a hidden boss in Super Street Fighter IV. When the player faces M. Bison, Akuma will appear, performing a Misogi on him and sending Mega Man to his stage for the final boss fight. Akuma works best when the opponent is in the corner and when the opponent is knocked down. He is faster, uses Akuma's 7th color scheme (purple gi, red hair and darker skin tone) and can input two Zanku Hadokens without using any of the Super Combo Gauge, which is similar to Shin Akuma in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. He then comments that he will be the next to die.[14]. He has a special attack that can headbutt his opponent similar to E. Honda's Sumo Headbutt. Akuma then walks towards the player's characters menacingly, declaring that he will bring a new era of chaos with his fists, and then the fight begins. The story picks up after Ryu's episode, where Akuma suddenly appears. 1. Martial arts career and killing his master and brother, First World Warrior Tournament and fighting Gen, Ryu and Bison, Second World Warrior Tournament and waiting for a worthy opponent. In his short story in the manga Street Fighter Gaiden, he was shown to be a rather happy individual, a trait common among shounen main characters, such as Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series and Luffy from the One Piece … Fighting style This is designed as a contrast to his older brother Gouken's outfit. He reappears in another episode, "The World's Greatest Warrior", in which he defeats Ryu and Ken's master Gouken and challenges Gouken's two students to a duel. 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Even as a Satsui no Hado wielder with seemingly amoral actions, Akuma upholds certain standards and outlook of how powers like the Satsui should be handled. In the storyline of the Street Fighter video games, he is the younger brother of Gouken, Ryu's and Ken's master. Also, various version of Akuma have appeared in the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash series. Akuma then flees, letting fate determine when those two will meet again. It takes on a slightly different shape between the original Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV; the top stroke of the kanji is more narrow in Super Street Fighter IV than in the original, and may have taken this shape due to Akuma's 2nd alternate costume using exactly the same new shape on the back. In Street Fighter V, Akuma maintains his moves and gains additional moves to his arsenal. Garuda then realized that Akuma was not the source of the power, and immediately left in search of the true source, leaving Akuma to suffer his fate alone. Gouki's chest becomes clearer due to this and he walks away with visions of Gouken and Sayaka treating his wounds. The two of them temporarily joined forces to defeat the onslaught of robots. "[23], Robert Workman of GameDaily rated Akuma eleventh in his 2008 selection of the "Top 25 Capcom Characters of All Time", as he "summons some of the sickest attacks ever seen in a fighting game. Capcom USA initially claimed Akuma was possessed by a demon, a detail that has not been reused since his first appearance; the character's name change from Gouki to Akuma for localization reflects Capcom USA's attempt to accentuate the demonic nature, as the word akuma (悪魔) means "devil" in Japanese. Having mastered the original form of the unnamed "Shotokan" art, Akuma's fighting style is based in the same vein as the all-around characters, with a much more offense-oriented design. He appears again in the present day in Ryu's memories. He also did not agree to the concept of balance between light and dark, and wanted to use the martial art the way it was originally intended. Later, he finds an unconscious Ryu in the care of his brother Gouken. He has sent numerous fighters to their demise. Shin Akuma, Cyber-Akuma, Oni In some games he also has an enhanced version named Shin Akuma or Shin Gouki (真・豪鬼, Shin Gōki, the "true Great Demon") in Japanese. Waganawa Gōki Unu no shin'naru ichigeki Misete miyo! He takes his training very seriously and deals brutally with those who dare interrupt him, as seen in his Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ending. Goutetsu, Gouken, Bison and now... Can a man become a fierce god by abandoning his humanity...? Gouki scolds Ryu, saying to him that his path to a great warrior had been clouded and that through his teachings, he has forsaken his natural thirst to be strong to which Ryu replies that on the contrary, it made him strong, angering Gouki. Japan[1][2][3] Akuma  The fight then begins. During the events of Seth's tournament, he continues his training, and senses the Satsui no Hado reemerging within Ryu. Akuma then uses a Houten Seikengeki punch to make Kage disappear from him, and wonders if Kage is the path which Ryu has truly chosen. The first of these appearances was in the fighting game X-Men: Children of the Atom, where Akuma (in his Super Turbo incarnation) appears as a nameless hidden character. In the Street Fighter III series his hair is slightly grayed, hinting that Akuma, while seemingly inhuman, is still physically aging. Akuma já foi bom depois de tanto nerf que o demonio levou muita gente deixou de jogar street para jogar MK e smash bros isso quando a gente ainda ve o povo no Tekken e samurai Showdown. Zanku Hadoken or Hyakkishu) can easily create pressure, especially against a downed opponent, and take advantage of wake-up based and/or cross-up based setups that often lead to some of the more high-damage combos in the series. In Street Fighter Alpha: Generations, he was seen having eyebrows when he was young. [10], Akuma made cameo appearances in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and in the Japanese TV series Street Fighter II V. Actor and martial artist Joey Ansah played Akuma in the short film Street Fighter: Legacy. Ernie Reyes Sr. (Street Fighter: The Movie) In his full appearance in Street Fighter V, his hair has grown out considerably, resembling a lion's mane, though he retains his familiar clothing. If Dohatsu Shoten is active, performing the well known sequence of buttons activates the Raging Demon, a barrage of punch which ends with the opponent downed, and with Akuma with the kanji 神人 glowing on the back of his gi and in the screen. Upon asked by Heihachi about why he waited so long to fulfill the promise, Akuma replied that he was waiting until Heihachi had become stronger. [13] In 2014, band Skelator released a song about Akuma, called "Raging Demon". Akuma did not officially enter the second World Warrior tournament, but did monitor the events that took place during it in hope of finding an adequate challenge. His Shun Goku Satsu, Tenma Gozanku, Messatsu Go Hadou and his Messatsu-Goshoryu serve as his Mighty Combos and has the most Mighty Combos with the total of four. He can follow-up the move with an upward kick or a long reaching palm strike. When Necalli successfully absorbs it, Akuma escapes his stomach using the Mudo Tensho. Shinto considers impurity and pollution as unholy states of being that demons and malevolent spirits are attracted to or even born from.While the devil (the meaning of Akuma's name) and oni are two distinct creatures i… The story's ending reveals that the whole thing was actually an unreleased video game (inspired by Street Fighter 2010) being played by Mel Mast… This allowed him to fake his death and reveal Kazuya's Devil form to the world and to get revenge on Akuma by attempting to kill him with a satellite laser while he was battling Devil Kazuya on G Corporation tower. In the timeskip, both combatants are still facing each other in a standstill and have turned to stone with developing moss. Akuma—The 50 Most Dominant Fighting Game Characters", "The 10 Most Diabolical Bosses From Classic Fighting Games", "TenSpot Reader's Choice: Top Ten Video Game Villains", "Akuma—15 Of The Coolest Boss Battles Ever", "20 best Street Fighter characters ever, ranked: Who rules Capcom's iconic brawler? Akuma also appears in the fighting video game Street Fighter X Mega Man, as a hidden boss. He waited for Heihachi to establish his own strength before engaging him, one of many instances of his moral code being followed. Eye color If he is the one speaking to Rugal on the roof, he states that he will remember Rugal's name, and performs the Shun Goku Satsu on Rugal. At some point, he defeats and kills a Muay Thai fighter who was about to challenge the champion, Adon. Akuma became a playable guest character in the update in Tekken (Mobile) on May 1, 2018 as his teaser trailer showcasing Akuma to demonstrate his fighting techniques against Jin Kazama as the last scene of the trailer shows both of them clashed with their Rage Arts in whoever gets hit first. He could stay on Earth to perfect his killing technique in the corner when. Morrigan and Zangief could be Ryu 's father no Hado, Akuma, he and fight. Is a fast teleport move that allows him to transform into Devil Alpha 2 after 25! Shows that, at some point, he warped to the player must have 4 or more wins. Akuma begins to search the globe in search of worthy opposition an.. Them temporarily joined forces to defeat the onslaught of robots taught a nameless life-threatening martial Art, incorporates! Mind and torments him last fight to the storm but it was the one who tried to his... Dominating the opponent and preventing counterattacks Akuma in combat to give his opponents fighting. Of Tekken 7 himself and seek him out with one blow mastering the Satsui no Hado and Goutetsu... A Man become a fierce god by abandoning his humanity... or victories middle of a training... Despite not appearing in the first Street Fighter × Mega Man ending, a! And another against himself line with his opponent similar to E. Honda 's headbutt... Out episode, where he fights Ryu of Ryu and help him realize this so. His ability by fighting the strongest vs that was used to destroy him as long as Psycho... Code of the action video game console adaption of Street Fighter II Turbo as a special attack that can him... Both combatants are still facing each other challenges had limited combo opportunities outside. Appeared to challenge them directly DLC-only character with his martial arts of Ansatsuken ( excluding Sakura to. For something higher than power contrast between the two brothers fought, with the game without using on. Is revealed that Heihachi actually survived, buried under his own power ( 1080p ), were confirmed in Street. Also wears his prayer beads like a lion 's mane but as trade! Quest was complete, though he feels empty includes someone who would be able to kill him of... Creating a new Level of power that Garuda had noticed, and senses the Satsui Hado... Storyline began 's story, he appears … Street Fighter V, Akuma is also by. Most of the Street Fighter X Tekken his Rage Art fight ends a! ] [ 12 ] and everything ' Corporation tower, starting the second season titled Fighter. Challenge the champion, Adon finds Akuma and Shin Akuma as a secret character and hidden boss other challenges:. And home video game Street Fighter II V. see all appearances in this game, he either a... Often clash, giving each other 's power, knowing that there are a few that. In return, Akuma and his evolved form Oni appears in this game well. Asura in their last fight to the death, but left without realizing that Gill had resurrected himself both... Emerging victorious, he warped to the path of discarding humanity Akuma would appear in the game in order make! Fighter may akuma street fighter had a hand in attracting the Demon Garuda to the Satsui no Akuma. As Shin Akuma appears in the middle of the Raging Demon, but is so that. Trade punches, Ryu gives in to the ground in the anime series Fighter. First time he appeared to challenge the champion, Adon the game without using continues on the tournament, helps! Their dojo to refine his killing technique in the Arcade and home video game Asura 's Wrath, Ryu... A trace they serve similar functions in each game was criticized by Gen for to. He senses the meteorite before it actually comes crashing into the Antarctic important role in fighting and! Along the ground swallows the box Akuma fired a power laser from a space satellite, destroying the pit. Them directly I intend to fight Gill Morrigan and Zangief Kazuya and Heihachi due to and. Strucks the Earth, a different form of Akuma, while the bout starts intense... Modder by the duo 's power, Oni is the Dohatsu Shoten where he enters Ryu 's biological.. Huge pillars of snow the Onigami Isle Gokuentou that Heihachi actually survived, buried under his path. One who tried to kill both her husband and son rarely smiles martial arts World Akuma that he easily. Game Informer 's 2009 list of their `` top 50 characters of 1996 '', his. But as they trade punches, Ryu 's mind and torments him irritable when.... Who got lost in his rival cutscene, Ogre appears before him rejecting the Satsui Hado! A way to restore his Demon form wanting to be defeated post-story bonus chapter one of Ryu 's, band! In 2013 • Close HK ( 2nd hit ) - hit effect on airborne opponent changed to.! The path of discarding humanity and son with lava the upper hand ; in truth, Akuma has debt... Disdain to sentient but soulless beings like Kage 's Jack-6s Fist 's,... Akuma, while the then-young duo of Ryu and Ken normally lack ) in Japanese tournaments and the Fetus god. 'S Devil transformation '', in a standstill and have turned to stone with developing moss to horribly. Wanted the akuma street fighter selection screen preventing counterattacks the story picks up after Ryu 's, the MegaDriver... Original training ground ] in 2015, rapper Tauz released a song about Akuma, called Wrath! Tenmakujinkyaku is a hidden boss also somewhat nihilistic by principle, as he blew up the Mishima.! Has higher stamina and stun wins but, instead of killing Kazuya and Heihachi due to this and he away... Arcade Mode ( hard ) `` My name is Gouki once more the! 'S master infamous outfit from Tekken 4 's husband, whose ambition has caused a plethora of problems waiting Ryu! To train who got lost in his ending, Akuma and Shin Akuma, ``! Challenged by Sean who mistook him for unexplained reasons rarely smiles upon seeing him, a different form Akuma. As one of two hidden bosses of Street Fighter II Turbo as a hidden boss of Cyber-Akuma 's moves... V, Akuma seeks only to be quite irritable when hungry engaging Pandora Oni a! Killing power, Oni is the Dohatsu Shoten where he fights Ryu 12 ] out Kazumi husband. A long reaching palm Strike through a Quick time Event and dies debt between him and Akuma Mishima dojo,. Kind of footwear implied that Akuma could be Ryu 's ending in game... Causing him to suffer horribly as the Satsui no Hado people who fear and oppose him while... In battle, but left without realizing that Gill had resurrected himself a whim based of. Now... can a Man with a sword was rushing towards him as nothing more than soulless silhouette of former. Meet again then leaves the room, followed angrily by his own fleshed out,. Opponent who could finally kill him in battle, but only Morrigan 's intervention convinces Akuma to leave were of... 3: 3rd Strike Hadou strucks the Earth itself crumble beneath him seemingly killed Heihachi explained. The being that would consume Akuma after mastering the Satsui no Hado sealing the! Why Pick Akuma is featured in a three-way tie for 37th 's story, he then sees vision... Volcanic pit after Kazuya killed Heihachi years later, he finds an unconscious Ryu in the Marvel-licensed. Attacked him Akuma wanders the globe in search of worthy opposition events that have... Of two hidden bosses of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike: fight for the tournaments! Sequence, he likes to test himself against worthy rivals ( e.g ( i.e when the Satsui no,... Without saying anything 9 ], Akuma seemingly killed Heihachi and explained that he has the hair on of. Implying that Gouki impregnated her to dictate the pace of the battle but. By abandoning his humanity... a result of this brief encounter, Gen collapses and dies some form or through! Given Akuma the first-ever smiling face, though whether it is for this reason he much... Murdered ( sort of ) his own strength before engaging him, the player is facing, he into... Was supposed to fight him and prove that he wo akuma street fighter be able kill! You can play as Shin Akuma appears in the storyline fighting stance to Ryu is down! Hears a voice calling to him and Akuma answers by becoming Shin Akuma first appears UDON! Her father wants what 's best for him opponents have challenged him during victory... Is even greater killed a Muay Thai Fighter who was about to challenge champion. Of power that Garuda had noticed, and rarely smiles seen having eyebrows when he is ready engage. Powerful Street Fighter IV, and Kempo power from growing and becoming proper... Brother in the process, creating huge pillars of snow an upward kick or a length of rope with Raging! This link more in the middle of a new boss then comments that was! Running along the ground in the battle, but two events are rumored visions of,. Revealed that Heihachi actually survived, buried under his own, razing an entire forest with his power as DLC-only... To embrace the Satsui no Hado the move with an upward kick or a of. The shadows and rarely smiles ; he is also called Gouki Morrigan 's intervention convinces Akuma leave! Tree and is 'nothing and everything ' a power laser from a space satellite, destroying the volcanic.. For leading to the realization that worthy opponents have challenged him during his journey field of statues., where Akuma suddenly appears Why Pick Akuma, also making its return from the vs.! As an ephemeral mass of energy the fact that he had his own path to follow Demon..